Paraania Oil


An outstanding formulation, hitherto unknown but secretly thriving as the perfect oil for acne, blemish and dullness prone skin for over thousands of years.

A real hidden gem that was protected way too well within pages of history now stands revealed.

1. De-clogs pores
2. Deep-cleanse skin
3. Reduce the appearance of dark spots, blackheads and whiteheads naturally
4. Flaunt a clean and clear appearance of face, neck and back
5. Light moisturization for the face
6. Enhance glow without exposing the skin to the threat of breakouts or a sticky/oily appearance
7. 1 bottle lasts a long time


Ayurveda’s unique 1-pump daily solution; for uneven skin tone, reducing the appearance of darker spots (darker than your overall skin-tone) and those who have oily/acne prone skin.

An intense VEGAN power-potion, Paraania brings a storm of benefits to the skin to give it a clearer, more purified complexion. This power-purifier is your natural go to, to make you forget about skin clarifying and beautifying acid concentrates or peels.

Paraania’s pristine power-dose de-clogs pores and gives them the sauna-cleanse without the sweat!
Best used in the morning after cleansing your face and before your other daily oils/moisturizer and sunscreen is applied. This is a strong formulation meant to be used like you would a specialized serum, just 1 pump per day is enough!